I’m MaryAnn…mother of three, grandmother, retired teacher. My life today is proof of the power of gratitude and I want to share with you what I have learned.

I grew up in a traditional All-American family, one of five children. I was a people pleaser. And despite accolades throughout my young life, I was unsure of myself and uncomfortable in my body. And as I understand today, a highly sensitive child.

The good news is that I had a soulful yearning to create and I was able to express myself by making things…this process was my voice, my comfort, and my pride.

In my twenties, my personal life began to unravel. As I sought answers I discovered complementary medicine and modalities of spiritual healing that fed my spirit. Slowly I felt better. I learned that life was my classroom; that the pain I felt was the driving force in my desire to change. It took years, and eventually, I developed a fresh outlook, an understanding that if I could learn to observe myself I could deconstruct unhealthy habits.

And I began to see creativity as problem-solving. Creating…not just things, but a new perspective, a new way of being. I began to understand myself and to identify my wants and needs. Ongoing gratitude for this clarity continues to connect me with the harmony I have found in my life.

I offer you the tools to gain clarity and understanding about YOU. I can teach you this language. Through kindness, self-compassion and an open heart you can feel better, lead a more satisfying and joyful life and find freedom to be.

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