Oh My Word!…INTENTIONAL!  Reading. Learning. Noticing when a word hits me in the gut or warms my heart. Feeling great that I’m still learning. Developing a new perspective and understanding. This is why I love that I have discovered the power of a single word.

Today my word is intentional. Its been a few years since I began using it to express myself and what I want. HMMM…what I want! Its taken me quite a while to identify my desires. I use intention instead of “goal” (as in New Years Resolutions/Goals”). I use it instead of accomplish. I also use it when I talk about my hopes, dreams, and desires.

Intentional means that I am making a deliberate and thought out choice to pursue and focus on an idea. It is a positive word. It means I KNOW this is possible and I respect that I want something. It means I know myself. It also represents inner strength and courage.

Yes, all that. Its why its MY WORD! ; )

Years ago making goals felt like I was setting myself up for failure. Pushing my low self-esteem amplified self-doubt and lack of confidence.The steps to success, “eating” a salami one slice at a time, sounded long and arduous and created anxiety about the future. Achieving by putting out a lot of effort. sigh…how would I find the energy? And I was always intimidated. I also felt guilt for being afraid of setting goals. The pain of doubt and negativity …ugh! No way could I do that to myself!

Intention means I am in charge, I am making a choice and I am open to the flow of energy that can nurture me as I experience this choice. It feels good. I feel possibility. I feel pride. Speaking my intention out loud means owning what I hope for, what I want and what I need. And it means it takes as long as it takes. Self-acceptance. Self-respect. It feels right and good.

And it is from a place of knowing myself and wanting to take care of myself. Using language that feels right. My inner wisdom. I trust myself to recognize my intuition. The more I acknowledge it, the more comfortable I am as I call on it. It is a positive cycle that feeds itself…whenever I choose.

You can create a satisfying and contented life. You can feel joy. When we live from a place of intention, our authentic self shines. It feels so good.

Swing Gently.



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