When I saw this image I laughed. Utterly adorable. Innocent, confident and free.

Then, I realized that she was who I want to be! Well, at lease the confident and free part. As I take her preciousness in, I see her being comfortable in her body…totally accepting herself.

Nobody has told her she “should” feel or be any different than who she is.

I acknowledge that for some of us their early years have been scarred. Sadly the pain that some of us have experienced has marred the self-acceptance and joy this little one lives in. But this sweet one can represent the possibility, the inspiration, and the nugget of joy that is within each of us. Healing the scars and opening our hearts calls for courage, hope, and dignity. Recapturing the innocence, confidence, and self-acceptance is possible.

We CAN release what no longer helps us [painful memories] We can choose to focus on what we want more of rather than past experiences that have harmed us. As adults, we can honor the bright light that was dimmed so long ago. We can SHINE. Allowing the sweet spirit inside to shine is a huge gift…that ONLY WE can give ourselves.

Recognizing your little one may be a new path…or it may be a place you have been stuck for a long time. Maybe you didn’t even know you had her light inside of you. Well, it IS there…you hold possibility, love, and joy inside of you. Are you willing to consider this as truth? It is waiting to be recognized. *sigh*

Intuitive Insight means opening yourself to possibility. It means acknowledging and nurturing your inner light. Trusting yourself.

Shine on sweet one!

Swing Gently.



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