My consultations, workshops and presentations are intended to be interesting, enlightening and fun!

Consultations are one on one and may include guided meditation, card readings, energy work and of course, conversation.

A consultation can be fun and simply an experience that you are curious about: do you want a tarot card reading, a session of energy work [Reiki] or a personalized guided imagery experience? We can do this in a single session. Or, with the intention to go deeper and tap your inner wisdom, we can explore and open up to greater clarity. This will lead to deeper awareness by learning how to observe, notice and accept yourself. I recommend 3 sessions for this work. Learning this process and developing self-trust happens over time. Give yourself the gift of clarity…it will change your life!

I can also work with you to understand a process of observing, noticing and accepting. This offers you the chance to detach from feelings that are reactive, knee-jerk and dramatic. Non-productive in conversation, inflammatory and unnecessary, they are carry overs from how we responded to conflict when we were young. As adults, we can cultivate this skills so that a new awareness brings clarity in communication and productivity to a new level. And in the process, self-esteem and self-respect grow…

A basic consultation of 60-90 minutes is $75.00.

Workshops can be designed for four people, up to twelve people. It can be at your location or mine. As a hostess, you get a discount or are free, depending on the number of participants.

A workshop can last 2 hours, or 4 hours and I can provide lunch if you choose. If you want to do a four hour, it will include 2 activities. One is a hands-on creative project and the other two hours can include guided imagery, meditation, soul dance, a group [tarot or angel cards] card reading/ or how-to on card reading. We can explore a varied terrain of your choosing. I love to customize activities. As a veteran Home Ec teacher, I have a lot of experience with group activities.

Prices vary depending on the no of attendees and the kind of activities.

A two-hour workshop for 4 is $40.00 per person, plus materials.
A four-hour workshop for 4 is $80.00, plus materials. Lunch is additional.

Coffee, tea, water is provided, as well as a light snack.

Group of 20 Participants or More

Women’s groups, Networking group, Professional organizations

Topics include:

  • How Biography Becomes Biology
  • How Pain Invites Change
  • Notice, Observe…Allow & Consider

A new vocabulary:

  • I’m possible
  • I’m Potent
  • Uni Verse
  • Into Me See
  • We can discuss additional topic ideas

You determine location and provide sound system if you choose.  I can travel.

Fee varies depending on the location and the number of people attending.  A non-refundable deposit of 50% is appreciated.

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